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A Special note from Mom


On May 13, 2002, I set my selfishness aside, and my beloved Fred was sent to Rainbow Bridge.  Freddy K was my first Boston, my first love, and my best friend.  He is dearly missed, and will never be forgotten...



To my beloved Freddy K.  Forever yours, Mom


Freddy Krueger

November 17, 1990 - May 13, 2002


My Final Gift


That dear sweet face, those big brown eyes, 

that smooshey pushed in nose,


That lilting, whining, growling bark 

when someone grabbed your toes.


The way you cocked your head at me, 

and understood each word,


The sometimes loud and rumbling snore, 

heard all around the world.


And when the other kids would leave the 

toys out in the rain, You brought them each 

in one by one, ignoring all the pain.


These memories Ill keep with me, 

forever in my heart,

But nows the time to say goodbye, 

that we must be apart.


Your sightless eyes will see again, 

your limbs will move with ease,

No longer will you stumble 

and be forced on to your knees.


Your suffering now is at end, 

your love was just and true,

Its time to hear the angels sing, 

my final gift to you


I have but one last task for you, 

I beg of you my friend,

Please wait for me at Rainbow Bridge, 

well cross together then.


Author:  Kim Bass          



Thank you Arlene for this wonderful picture. 



My drawing of Fred


Hi, I'm Freddy Krueger, that's my AKC name.  My mom just calls me Fred, or Freddy K.  I'm almost 11 years old now, and I'm Mom's first Boston Terrier, so I'm the special one in the family, not that brat Daphne, or that new upstart Tera.  They're mean to me, and take my toys that I guard, and Daphne will stare at me when I'm eating, which I really don't like!  And I tell her so too!!   Mom tells me I'm a potty mouth, and when she does, I bark at her, and tell her NO I'M NOT!  I also bark when I want to go outside.  I can dance on my back feet, and I roll over REALLY good too!  Mom says I'm getting fat now, 'cause I gained 2 pounds since I was neutered, and I now weigh 12 pounds.  I think it's because she gives me cheese every day (which is also where she hides my arthritis pills, but she thinks I don't know it!)

                 I'm not really grumpy like Mom says, I just want to make sure that piggy                       Daphne don't take all my toys and my food. I have to keep guard ALL the time 'cause of her!

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                 Mom says she thinks these commandments were made just for me, but                     I've NEVER done that last one!  I'm a good boy!  And for a cookie, I MAY admit to the second one!



Thou shalt not act half starved whenever thou watches me eat.

Thou shalt not pass gas in my presence, and then walk away as if thou has been offended by me.

Thou shalt not lift thy leg to water any indoor plants.

Thou shalt not roll in any smelly stuff thy finds in the yard.

Thou shalt not dig up my favorite rose bush.

Thou shalt not lie down next to me and commence making licking and popping noises. (I know what thou art doing!)

Thou shalt not treat my shoes as if they were thy chew toy.

   Thou shalt not eat Caterpillars...they are not crawling   hors d'oeurves

Thou shalt not drink out of the toilet.

Thou shalt not run away from home in pursuit of a good time. (thou has been neutered)

Thou shalt refrain from coughing and gagging while we have company.

Thou shall not hide thy bones under my pillow.

Thou shalt not sniff the crotch of everyone thy encounters.

Thou shalt not sneak up on me and lick me in the mouth while I am sleeping.

Thou shalt refrain from becoming overly affectionate with a guest's leg.

                 I like camping, and I really love the water!  Mom and Dad go camping                        sometimes on this island by our house and it's GREAT!  I get to wear my scarf if it get's too cold!

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For my last birthday, Mom gave this poem to me

I thought I would share it with you

A Birthday Pome To The Dog:

We feed you when you're hungry,
We keep water in your dish,
We let you sleep on anything,
Or in any place you wish.
We sometimes let you lick our hands,
Or even lick our face,
Despite the fact you've licked yourself,
In every private place.
We taught you how to come when called,
We taught you how to sit,
We always let you go outside,
So you can take a ~SX$#~ stroll.
We've been with you through oh, so much,
Through laughter and through tears,
We hope you live to be a hundred...
That's 700 in doggy years!

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                 My favorite time of year is Christmas.  I get lots of presents from Mom & Dad, and Santa too!

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We all got new sweaters when we went on vacation 

this year.  I got the pretty blue one!

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And my favorite pass-time is sneaking on the 

couch for a nap.  I got caught in this picture though!

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