Pedigree of

Widget's What I Like About U

aka George


Whelped: December 9, 2013

Color: Seal-Brindle-White

Breeder: Kimberley & Bob Bass & Dona Powers

Owner: Kimberley Bass & Meridith Tillbrook


At  6 months old and his very first show, 

George takes Winners Dog at the 2014 

Boston Terrier Club of Portland Specialty Show

for a 5 point major!!








CH El-bo N Kanis U Can't See Me

CH El-bo N Kanis U Dont Know Jack

CH Kissmee El-bo's Aramis Crusader

BISS CH Donnybrook's Aramis

CH Beacon's Do-go Sunny Of Sabe

CH Donnybrook Chanel Corn

CH Sunglo's Elyssian Maiden

CH Bramely's Brigadoon

CH Jondan's And Bejay's Eureka!

CH El-bo Sweet Jelly Belly

BISS CH El-bo's O Johnny O Of Jondan

CH Al-mar's Formal Attire

CH Jondan's Brandy Jubilee

BISS CH El-bo's How The Cookie Crumbles

BISS CH El-bo's Go Willy Go Bar None

BISS CH El-bo's Solo Jelly Bean

CH Kanis Heart To Heart

CH Kanis American Patriot

Blaze Of Glory Ii

CH Alexander's Dear John

Scott's Lea Maria

CH Kimkev Funny Girl

CH Kimkev Jesse James

CH Kimkev's Michaela Quinn

CH Kanis Quintessence Of El-bo

BISS CH El-bo's Go Willy Go Bar None

BIS/BISS CH El-bo's Rudy Is A Dandy

CH Bar None Liberty Belle

Dodgers Little Lady

Breton's Artful Dodger

Harley Peppi Davidson

Eviedobee U Rock Me

CH Eviedobee The Rock

CH Oui Will We Will Rock U At Lonestar

CH Bo-k's Don't Mess With Texas

BISS CH Bo-k's Only You (rom)

CH Bo-k's Love Me Or Leave Me

CH Oui's Touche O'j At Parkview

CH Pequoag Gatekeeper For Kennedy (rom)

CH Pequoag J's Mason Dixie (rom)

CH Eviedobee's Harrietta Of Sunglo

CH Eviedobee's Harry Potter

Evidobi Jumpin Jack Flash

CH Eviedobee's Shine on By Sunglo

CH Sunglo's I'm A Bright Bonanza

biss CH Bramley's I'm A Midnite Rider (rom)

CH Jondan's and Bejay's Eureka

Eviedobee Queen Latifa

CH Tuxedo Bows (rom**)

biss CH Bramley's I'm A Midnite Rider (rom)

BISS CH Kennedy's Storm Watch Bramley (rom)

CH Bramley's Bouncing Yo Yo (can)

CH Jondan's And Bejay's Eureka!

CH Eureka's Goldmine

Jondan's Love Me Do

Evidobe Girl's Night Out

CH Evidobi Jumpin Jack Flash

CH Rivermist Riddles and Rhymes

CH Evie Do Bi Moonglow Brightly

CH Eviedobee's Shine On By Sunglo

CH Rivermist Rebel Rouser

CH Sunglo's Moonshine by Flashpoint