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Webmaster note:  I rescued Pickles from a lady at the local mall who was desperate to sell them.  At first, I thought she was a Boston Terrier, and picked her up.  Imagine my surprise when I saw the long nose AND the long tail!  I could NOT put her back in that cold box.  So a $100 bill later, Pickles was mine.  I brought her home and raised her as a Boston.  As she got older, I could see she was beginning to get lost in the "pack", so the search was on for the perfect Pickle home.  I soon found it.  Pickles has been placed in a wonderful home in Canada.  She is the only child, and is now eating broiled chicken out of crystal dishes, and drinks Evian.  Because Pickles was such a popular gal, and was even named "honorary Boston" on one of the Boston Terrier Boards, I have decided to keep her website on my site in its entirety.  



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Hi!  I'm Pickles (a.k.a. Widget's We're In A Pickle Now).  My Mom is Kim-N-Kids.   I'm a Boston Terrier too!! (Honest....I'm not really a Chihuahua!!)  Mom says I have a Boston Terrier heart, so that makes me one!!  I love to play with my sisters, Tera and Daphne.  They're Boston Terrier's too!  And so is my step-grandpa, Fred.


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This is my favorite seat in the house.  Mom says I'm a Daddy's girl, but I love her too.  She always takes care of me, but she does put me in that dang crate at night!  She says it's for my `pertekshun.   Yeah, right!!


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I love to give kisses! Just like the rest of the kids!

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This is me and my sister Tera.  She's a Boston Terrier too!  I even got to go with her to her last show.  What fun!  So many pretty Boston's!


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And I really love taking naps with my other sister, Daphne.  She's also a Boston Terrier.

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I'm getting to be a big girl now.  I like to explore the big back yard we have.  Mom gets worried 'cause there's an Owl living not too far away, so she explores the yard with me.


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I really have to work to keep these kids in line around here too!

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And I ALWAYS love a good party!  Balloons are the BEST!


I love you Mom!

Mom thinks I get too cold, so she likes to dress me in little sweaters she made from socks.


And after all, I really do look pretty spiffy in my sweaters.


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Mom's friend Sherry came to visit and got me all kinds of clothes to wear.  I think she thought I was going to be some kind of fashion model.  I soon taught her better!

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Awww...I KNOW I'm cute, but tell me again anyway!


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