Pedigree of Widget's Precious And Few

aka  ~ ZuZu


Like her mother, Emmy, ZuZu just kind of stopped growing, and at 9 lbs soaking wet, she just couldn't seem 

to attract the judges eye for those elusive majors.  She did, however, produce 3 amazing puppies, one of whom finished 

his AKC Championship in a mere 9 shows.  Check Mr. Jingles page (CH Widget's What About Bob?) to meet 

ZuZu's one and only son! Her other 2 puppies were girls, one lives in Tallahassee, Florida and has/is working on her

agility titles (all 9 lbs of her), and other is the indubitably divine Ms. Baby J.

ZuZu now lives the life of luxury down in Eugene, Oregon with an amazing couple, Phil & Diane.  They have

become two very dear friends, and I consider them family.  ZuZu, of course, now ignores her 

old 'mom' when she sees me... which is as it should be!


AKC #NP12585001

Whelped February 14, 2006

Black & White

BAER tested hearing 04/11/2006






Apogees Lil Cubby

Apogee's Lord Butchwick

CH KC's Northern Gladiator

CH KC's Ditto Mark

CH Zodiac's The Challenger

CH KC's Little Bit Of Sun And Water

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KC's Dinah Won't Your Blow

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CH Apogee's Brave Sir Robin CD

CH Jeneill's Aire Jordon

CH Do-Go Rocky Mountain Hi 'O BJ

Apogee's Lil Miss Freckle

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CH Apogee Boss's Cameo Edition

Super Mite's Gracie Em

CH Edibob'super Colider O'buddy

BISS CH Beacon's Buddy Of Apogee

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Rambo Xxii

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CH Apogee's He's The Boss

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CH BJ's Cristy Blue

BJ's Do-Go Hello Dolly

CH Do-Go George's Buddy Of Rudy

Do-Go Lady Dori Of Ra-Lyn

Apogee's First Amendment

CH Sunwoods California Boy

CH Alexander Star Reward

Sunwood Cupie Doll

Apogees This Ones For U Rudy

CH El-Bo's Rudy Is A Dandy

Nan-Cors Sunshine Of Showbiz

Jo's Tera Anniversay Edition

Rocky Road Delight

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Rockroyal Flashaway Cody

B-Y's Perfection's Gold Piece

Top Brass's Perfect Harmony

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Dunbar's Special Delight

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Sir Dudley Of Ravenwood

Domino If You Please

Arizona's Belle Star

Brittany Hotchkiss

Domino Rebel

Cowgirl Bridgit


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