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Let me introduce myself:


Widget's Kandi Apple Kisses

aka BooBoo


Hello, I'm Kandi, one of Kim-N-Kids babies.  I'm her third generation "bred by" puppies.  Daphne is my mom, and my dad is BISS CH Beacon's Buddy of Apogee.  With great parent's like that, how can I go wrong?  I was born on January 25, 2001, and already I'm the "apple" of my mom's eye.  When I'm old enough, I'm going to go in the show ring just like my auntie Tera and auntie Sweetie.  We'll show them judges just WHAT a Boston Terrier should look and act like!



Click on my image below to see my pedigree


Am I not just adorable???

How could you possibly resist me???

This is a baby picture of me.  I'm one hour old.

And in this picture, I'm the cute one.

(not eating)

Bitsy and I are playing with a Kooshball in this picture

And this is our "Where's the Boston" picture

Auntie Pickles likes to come in and visit too. 

She's small enough, we can even beat her up!

We're helping Mom clean up in this picture. 

She says we're the "Quicker Picker Uppers"

I'm 11 weeks old in this picture. 

Mom says I'm gettin' cuter every day!

My favorite way to sleep

Auntie Pickles was trying to take her sweater back!

But it's MINE now!

This is my YODA look.  My ears

weren't standing up so good, and mom

put mole-skin in them to help.

My first snow!!!

This great looking picture is of my mom and I.

I'm 6 months here.  I'm the cute one on the right.


This is a picture of me with my very first show ribbon.  

Reserve Winners Bitch.  Mom got a tad angry with me 

because not long after this picture was taken I ate the ribbon. hehehe

I have several of these now, but mom keeps them up high on a shelf now.



And this picture is my WB & BOS win at 

the Banks Oregon show in July 2002

This ribbon has been safely put up, and now 

hangs in the family room with my picture.




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