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            Welcome to Piper's Pad



Piper has babies!!!

CH Widget's Classy Chassis

AKA Piper

3 months old


Piper was shown exclusively in the Bred-By-Exhibitor classes, 

and on September 4, 2005, after limited shows in 

our local area, she became an AKC Champion.

Piper is a pleasure to bring into the ring, and has that perfect ring attitude that is 

highly desired.  When she steps into that ring she all but screams "LOOK AT ME!!"

We are very proud of this little girl, and are looking forward to bragging 

of her sister Scandal's show accomplishments as well! 

Piper was bred at 3 years old for her first and only litter (see Paige's page).

She has now been spayed and placed in a wonderful forever home.

Piper's first show

Chintimini Kennel Club ~ Albany OR

March 2005

Judge KD Falconi

Saturday ~ RWB

Judge SJ Hubble

Sunday ~ WB/BOW ~ 4 point major


Piper at the 2005 BTCA National Specialty

Placed 4th out of 16 entries Bred-By-Exhibitor

Judge Ed Biven


Note:  Piper was moved up to 3rd place due to a disqualification in the 1st thru 3rd placements.


Piper's 4th show

Olympic Kennel Club ~ Elma WA

Judge Margaret Robertson

May 2005

Saturday ~ WB / BOW ~ 2 points


Piper's 5th show

Olympic Kennel Club ~ Elma WA

Judge JR Duding

May 2005

Sunday ~ WB - 1 point


Piper's 6th show

Puyallup Dog Fancier's ~ Puyallup WA

Judge William Bergum

June 2005

Saturday ~ BOB/BOW over 6 Specials ~ 3 point major


Piper's 7th show

Tacoma Kennel Club ~ Puyallup WA

Judge John D Allen

June 2005

Sunday ~ BOS/BOW  ~ 2 points


Piper's 10th show

Boston Terrier Club of Portland, Oregon Specialty Show

Judge C. Michael Benson

June 2005

Friday ~ Best Bred By Exhibitor


Piper's 15th show

Longview Kennel Club ~ St. Helen's OR

Judge Karen McFarlane

September 2005

Saturday ~ WB ~ 2 points


Piper's 16th show

Longview Kennel Club ~ St. Helen's OR

Judge Nancy Byrd

September 2005

Sunday ~ BOW/BOS ~ 2 points




Piper has tentatively begun her Special's career. 

Her first weekend out as a Special she took BOS at the Vancouver Kennel Club ~ Vancouver, WA.

Her second weekend as a Special, she took BOB 

over 25 entries, with her beloved friend Meridith at the lead.

Linn County Kennel Club ~ Albany, OR

Judge Robert D. Sharp

October 2005


Piper at 5 months

2 hours old

2 weeks old

8 weeks old

8 weeks old

12 weeks old





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